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You may notice trends in my favoring here on deviantART. I sometimes come across work that I simply cannot let slide by and slip out of my memory - I have to save it somewhere. Please check out some of these artists, they are all fantastic.



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United States
Just a guy trying to start his life before it ends, hoping to tell some stories and meet some people along the way. Maybe by the end I'll be who I want to be.

I've been dabbling in various mediums and styles recently, experimenting with computer programs, and revisiting older drawings I have done. I'd greatly appreciate feedback on any of the work I've got displayed. Most drawings have a bit of a story behind them, so don't hesitate to ask if you're curious.


Decided to draw my own version of one of Sholms' characters, Batteryman. It wasn't until I was completely done that I realized how different the proportions and style really were - a revelation Sholms and I have any time we draw one anothers' characters.

Here's an excerpt from Sholms' description of Batteryman: "Batteryman takes place in a post crisis apocalyptic world, meaning all the chaos from the nuclear fallout or whatever has passed and civilization has begun to rebuild. Batteryman, who we'll call Benjamin Edison, is a Mechanic who lives outside the city dome the majority of the population now resides in. Ben enjoys repairing abandoned oldworld vehicles and one day while fixing one up he realizes that he needs a car battery to get it running. Remembering a car he had seen in the grasslands he sets out to see if he can retrieve a battery from it. While searching for the vehicle in the tall grass, strange clouds begin to circle in the distance. Strong winds blow and the sky crashes with thunder, but no rain falls. Suddenly, Ben is struck by lightning and blacks out. Ben wakes upon a charred barren patch of dirt with no idea how much time has passed. He doesn't feel injured, just fatigued. Slowly he climbs to his feet and makes his way back home. Ben enters through the door of his garage, a radio sits upon his workbench giving off only sounds of static. Thinking it best to get checked out by a doctor Ben climbs aboard his Hover Bike called a Floater and heads toward the city."

Pantine Girl 2
I reused the same magazine ad for a project in my college design class. Ultimately we were making a pixelated image - averaging out the values in each square.
Leather, Lace, and Denim
Homework project from my first college drawing class. This project was probably what set me on the path of using fine-tipped Micron pens to hatch all of my drawings.


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